What we do

“We give technology and Internet access to deserving yet financially disadvantaged kids and enable them to compete academically. We support educators and police officers to deliver programming that establishes healthy relationships with authority figures and encourages kids to positively impact their community.

Who your donations help

With every donation made it helps us to give technology and internet access to kids, who might otherwise go without, enabling them to compete academically. Not matter the amount of the donation, every little bit really does help.

Becoming a Volunteer

Volunteers are integral to our success. We welcome the contribution of your time and talents.

We’re always happy to talk to you about how you feel you can help make a difference in the lives of our kids. There are always opportunities to help out in different areas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help deserving yet financially disadvantaged kids access the technology and tools they need to achieve their academic & social potential

Our goal is to help empower kids to reach their academic & social potential.

Our Team

The team at Merry Go Round Children’s Foundation are dedicated to helping to changes the lives of kids by giving them the technology and tools to help reach their academics and personal potential.