We welcome the contribution of your time and talent as a volunteer.

There are always opportunities in the following areas:


From support in the planning stages to managing duties on the day, volunteers are essential for a successful event.


It is a rewarding experience to meet the new Grade 7 students at the start of the school year during their Program Launch and to hand out their brand new HP laptop computers at their schools.

There is room for volunteer support in ensuring Launches are coordinated well to accommodate each student and that everyone is provided with the right information to begin the school year. An extra set of hands and a smiling face can make a world of difference to a student.

Alumni Speaking Opportunities

Kids, Cops & Computers aims to make a positive impact on a student’s future success. Merry Go Round Children’s Foundation love to keep in touch with students who have graduated from high school and the Program, and encourage them to serve as volunteer ambassadors for Kids, Cops & Computers.

If you are someone who has been impacted by our Program, we would love to hear from you. The highlight of our events is hearing from both the students currently enrolled in the Program and the graduates about what the Program has meant to them.

If you would like to volunteer with Merry Go Round Children’s Foundation, please email jelin@merrygoround.ca.