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Your program is absolutely wonderful.  My child was reticent and shy but your program gave kids like her an opportunity to come out of their shell and shine.  She has improved so much academically and is now confident when using her laptop.  Most importantly, she has become acutely aware of the evils of bullying in whatever form making her sensitive about not only her own feelings but those of others as well.

Jesusa Susana P.

The kids really looked forward to their PO coming to the school.  They greatly enjoyed the topics discussed and were engaged.  The honesty and frankness of the PO was refreshing and the kids learned to trust the officers in discussions.  It was a really a two way conversation that allowed students to get the info that they needed

Donald F.

My son graduated from Holy Family Catholic School and It was a fulfilling moment as a mother to see her child graduate. Thanks to his teachers, principal and most especially to your foundation for being there for him. Once again please do accept my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your continued support to my son and the rest of the kids involved. It is a privilege to be part of your foundation and unquestionably a big help on my part as a single mother of two. Good luck and rest assured that I as a parent will continue to support your foundation in any way or form that I can render.

Mother of Graduated student

By reaching out to our youth, and showing that our community cares, our youth receives a huge boost in their self-esteem.  There is a large belief in certain communities of Toronto that there is no reason to try for an education.  This program goes a long way to show students that is worth it to get an education.

PC Officer Berridge

That’s what this program is all about: getting ourselves out to kids who are in need of support from people like you; [giving them] access to computers to improve their education and help them reach their potential; giving them access to police officers…; giving them access to role models and positive influence in their lives.

Peter Sloly

One day an opportunity walked through my door…an extraordinary idea, an idea that was going to make a difference in a lot of young people’s lives, an idea that was going to give young people in our city an opportunity to realize their full extraordinary potential…the police service (has been) involved in that initiative for all of the past 15 years. Such an opportunity, such a difference it has made. Organizations like Merry Go Round continue to grow and find young people who can benefit from the support from this organization. And what a difference it makes. I want you to understand that the money that you have committed to this foundation is making a difference in the lives of young people in our city.

William Blair

The Kids Cops and Computers program had an amazing impact on my grades, and how I interact with technology as a whole. I believe that I have tapped into inner talents that I was unaware of until the KCC came along, and sprouted them into life. The police officer e-buddy program was a unique experience, and I believe that I now have a better understanding of how the Toronto Police and other similar forces around the world operate. I am now enrolled in an Honours program at my high school, and I am convincedthat the Kids Cops and Computers program had a very big hand in that. This program revolutionized my life, and has the potential to do this to many others. Words cannot express, how beneficial this program is, however it is an honour being in this program, and I would personally like to thank the personnel who make this possible.

Sheraz T

The KCC program has provided me with the essential materials needed to further accomplish myself academically. I am so grateful for all that Merry Go Round has done forme – it has change my life.

Joshua D.

I would like to take the time to thank the Merry Go Round Children's Foundation for changing my entire life. I’ve been accepted to the Electrical Engineering Program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Being part of the Kids, Cops & Computers program for the six years truly helped me to reach my full potential and allowed me to become a better and stronger global citizen. One day when I become successful, I promise to donate my first pay cheque to the Kids, Cops & Computers. I am quite excited  to purse my studies at the University of Toronto. THANK YOU for giving me the tools necessary to help me reach one step closer to my goal!

Roshan R

“I would just like to thank you for coming to St. Joseph’s School and letting me participatein this program. Personally my favourite part of the program was getting to learn more about police officers because i would like to be one when I grow up. Moreover, I would like to thank everyone involved in inspiration day. I thought i was fantastic and the atmosphere was so much fun. Finally, for all these reason i want to say thank you to everyone involved with Kids, Cops & Computers and I hope the program returns next for all new grade sevens to experience.”

Hannah C

Merry Go Round Children's Foundation
Annual Reports

Merry Go Round Children’s Foundation is committed to the highest standards of accountability and transparency. Below you can find our Annual Reports for the last three fiscal years, that tell the story of who Merry Go Round Children’s Foundation is and what Kids, Cops & Computers does.

The Program Growth

To date we have worked with 76 schools in Toronto. With 600 students joining us this school year we will have over 2500 students in grades 7-12 on the Program. We have helped empowered almost 3,500 of the next generation of tech users.

We are committed to Program assessment and measuring impact. Through annual surveys of our kids, their parents/guardians, educators and officers we conduct a 360 degree evaluation of our Program’s ability to deliver on our goals. We are confident that an investment in Kids, Cops & Computers results in our kids becoming the best version of themselves.

Current Survey Results


Below you will find the audited financial statements for Merry Go Round Children’s Foundation most current fiscal year and the year prior. We are proud of our ability to maximize the contributions of our donors and are committed to full financial transparency. If you have any questions about our financials please email

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